Not-so-perfect Phuket

You know there are times when you find yourself just browsing through various airline websites, Skyscanner or Expedia and wishing you were somewhere else instead of stuck behind a desk at work?

Well, it took my sister and I less than an hour to come to the conclusion that we were in serious need of an impromptu beach holiday. Despite the constant problems faced by Jetstar's online booking website (could not for the life of us book our tickets with either of our cards), we pushed on. Finally, at 2am on a random weekday we had booked ourselves two return tickets to Phuket.

There's always mishaps on holidays, for sure. Once I checked in all the christmas presents and carried them around Japan for two weeks instead of handing them to my friends at the airport. Unnecessary luggage weight. Well, this time, I missed our 3pm flight.

Completely my fault. I'm blaming it on not having flown in the longest time and also the assumption that I could be at the airport to check in at 2pm when our flight was at 3. Welll.... we ended up re-booking ourselves on the 8pm flight to Phuket. A day wasted (which i was really frustrated about) but it all worked out in the end.

Spent the rest of the remaining hours just chilling at Terminal 1.


It was a smooth flight yet we ended up on the tarmac outside the airport immigration absolutely cranky. Why?


Phuket immigration is an absolute nightmare.

We obviously take Singapore's immigration systems for granted. Clean organised lines, efficient staff... Phuket's customs set us back at least an hour, and despite having touched down earlier than expected, we were still out of the airport at 11pm.

We took a private cab (800baht, approx SGD30) to our hotel (Ashley Heights Hotel), an hour away from the airport. Both of us were hoping for room service because we were starving, our last meal having been at 5-ish.

No room service. Plonked our baggage in our room and we walked down the street to every traveller's saviour - 7-Eleven.

I love convenience stores, doesn't matter which country I'm in. I always think they bring a sort of "cultural charm".

Walked in intending to buy just microwaveable food, walked out with two bags full of snacks and water. Thai basil chicken pasta for me, and a burger for my sis. Didn't take us both long to fall into a deep sleep right after. 

Phuket day one. Sort off. When the only convenient thing is the convenience store...