Phuket: Patong Beach

Patong Beach in itself deserves a soloists' mention. Although I didn't spend half a day lazing on the soft sand (as i should have), I do recommend heading here to catch the sunset if not sunrise.

Thus nightlife hub is hardly any distance away from most of Phuket's hotels; certainly not far away from ours. However, unless you know the way around the winding streets of Patong, take a tuk tuk or a taxi - advice based solely on personal experience. 


Children are scattered

Children run scattered

playing hide and seek amongst themselves while adults lounge with coconuts in their hand and watch the silhouettes of parasailers against the bluish hue of the sky. Seafood restaurants line the coast; a place we visited on the last day for a delectable (and affordable) seafood dinner. A must especially when visiting any island.


After a relaxing stroll on the sand, we made our way through to Patong's famed nightlife area; better known as Bangla Walking Street.

Here you find imitation goods of all sorts - makeup, brands like Nike shoes, Adidas, a whole range of muay thai and boxing attire just to name a few. Bargaining comes in handy here; and of course you must stand your ground. Bought Adidas sweatpants from this street - good quality and at a fraction of the original price!


Clubs and bars line the streets; not just at Bangla Walking street but anywhere else. It's a norm for the people there as well as one of their main sources of income. There's also an abundance of tattoo parlours.

We continued walking and avoiding the calls of "Ping Pong show!! Ping Pong show!" and made it to Jungceylon - one of the two main shopping malls in Phuket. We were entertained by a group of bboy's right outside the mall.


Right after browsing through Junceylon, we got lost trying to walk our way back to our hotel. Gave up, and took a tuktuk back, missed room service (again!) and had to rely on the food we bought from 7-11 the first day.

I must admit we didn't have much of a crazy nightlife (I sincerely believe half the guests in our hotel were clubbing mad), but we did want it to be a relaxing holiday. Pretty much succeeded!

Till we go diving and island hopping next!