A taste of Tasmania

Hobart is Tasmania’s capital city and also the place I spent almost two weeks wandering around; excluding the necessary road trip that we managed to squeeze into the tight schedule.

It was a huge change from the bustling streets of Melbourne that were filled with shops and departmental stores from end to end. Hobart barely had a main mall; more of little home businesses and quaint stores, so if you’re looking to spend all your money on branded goods, it’s not exactly the place for you.

What I can promise you? Amazing wildlife – kangaroos and wallabies just comfortably hopping around your backyard, views to die for, and rows and rows of amazing freshly caught seafood, endless stacks of cheese and meat. Lots of meat.

Qantas flies from Melbourne into Hobart International Airport, and it was there my family and I met up with my brother. We all piled up into the car (that seemed to shrink with the amount of luggage we brought over) and headed back to his place. The roads are winding, and most of which lead up or down steep hills – not advisable for amateur drivers. The locals seem to keep pretty fit; cycling up and down the hills. I almost died just walking up the steps from the bottom of our house to the top.


Dropped our bags off, chased the cats around the house and we were out to Tasmania Mures for lunch/early dinner. It’s a restaurant that serves local seafood alongside wine (if you’re into wine) right by the harbour. We opted to have our food outdoors which of course with the nice weather and the amazing view was perfect. Downside? Seagulls.


Look at how plump these prawns are.


Fisherman’s basket: 

Consisted of an array of prawns, scallops, squid and fish and chips along with quite a few tasmania pacific oysters and prawns.

A handy tip I got from my brother - order the oysters “to-go”, it’s much cheaper! You’ll have to hide it if you’re eating it outdoors though. 

To continue our food journey, we headed to Valhalla Ice Cream; creamy, delicious ice-cream made in house. Ice-cream seems to be a recurring theme throughout my Aussie travels....


And after a drive to do a house viewing, we ended the day grocery shopping - my favourite past time. With Aussie days starting early and ending even earlier, we spent the rest of the day indoors staring at the cats. 

Also, a good idea to relax after all the flying and driving. Besides, we had a road trip planned for the next day. 

Till next time!