Tourist things in Harbourtown

Harbour Town 

is where all the outlet shopping is located. 

You’ve certainly found a treasure trove.Away from the big department stores (Myers, Emporium and QV) located in the central area of Melbourne. 

To get there, take the free tram (circle line) to the Etihad Stadium and switch over to another tram that goes to Harbourtown.

The first thing we did was well, roam? Explore the rows of shops that await you. The best part? You don’t have to feel guilty about it because outlet shopping means its usually almost half off the original price. Your wallet is sighing with relief.

There are a couple of attractions there; the Melbourne Star (a ferris wheel similar to our Singapore Flyer) and other family-friendly activities.

Brands I recommend for basics at great prices include Valleygirl, Cotton On, Factorie and Supre – all Australian brands; which means you get the bang for your buck!

If you’re into Uggs, there’s a shop specially dedicated to them there (well, technically they’re all over Australia). Other stores you might want to hit up include the Levis outlet store and TEMT. And if you’re a UCLA alumni or student, they have a merchandise store within Harbour Town as well! Mostly sports wear or jerseys though, but it’s worth a look.


The Fish Dept

I ordered flake and chips. Flake is apparently shark meat, and I felt so bad after that. I don’t even eat sharks fin, but too late now. Well, it wasn’t my fault they didn’t have the salmon :(


Gelateria on the Docks

I had the best reese’s peanut butter ice cream.

To walk off all of the ice-cream, my cousin and I hit the gym right before dinner. Dinner was yet another fantastic meal at ‘Rice Paper’ a Vietnamese joint that’s always bustling with people.

I had the soft shell crab noodles with Vietnamese iced coffee (another drip coffee!) and the broth itself was ah-ma-zing and full of crab flavour.


It was a relatively short day since we had to pack up, and we had an early flight to Hobart the next day.

Thanks Melbourne, you’ve been fantastic mate.